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On occasion we have detected clients who are themselves users of reference communities such as Tripadvisor. They usually use as a cover letter the number of reviews or opinions they have written in this medium to intimidate or even coerce the establishment. There are also cases in which the client requests to obtain free accommodation in exchange for advertising through their social media accounts. In case of refusal, the “influencer” tries to threaten the establishment or retaliates, all of which are criminal behaviors. The fact of having traveled a lot does not automatically imply becoming a critic …

It would be essential that the accommodations could also provide information or simply their version about the behavior of their clients. At Booking.com it is possible to respond to comments, as long as the user leaves us a written comment. Other platforms such as Airbnb only publish comments once the customer and establishment have written their opinion. On the other hand, Tripadvisor or Google, allow unidentified users to write reviews about their stay, something that generates uncertainty and little reliability. All systems should confirm if our client has a valid reservation number and in turn if we recognize him as a client. Then, without knowing the content of the opinion and after our confirmation, the comment should be published, not without these requirements.

the client expects to have a basic service such as having a quality Internet connection (although it is true that in more isolated areas, technical difficulties may arise, therefore, we have to be understanding). When we go to assess this connection, it is easy to compare our fiber optic connection with others of lower quality. Not all accommodations can afford to make an investment to offer quality Wi-Fi connection in all rooms. That is why many times they offer this connection only in common areas. Although today many technical problems have been overcome and it is not a problem, there are still obsolete facilities that present deficiencies. It will be up to the management of each establishment to allocate an item to renovate or update the facility.

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