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Vietnam Busts Huge Gambling Ring As Part of Corruption Clampdown
��Vietnam Busts Large Gambling Ring As Element of Corruption Clampdown

March 21, 2018 twelve:54

Earlier this week, Vietnam's Ministry of Public Safety (MoPS), headed by Basic Tran Dai Quang (photograph), decided to clarify details about its crackdown on unlawful on-line gambling and money laundering in the country.

The move was apparently made simply because of what was described as inaccurate reports circulating about its operation in the northern province of Phu Tho in which police seized VND1t (US$44m) in money and assets from an unlawful sports activities betting ring, resulting in the arrest of a quantity of notable individuals, which includes Nguyen Thanh Hoa, the former head of Vietnam's Substantial-Technologies Police Division.

This is a specifically massive-scale situation, utilizing high technology, especially severe, complicated and delicate, involving many people, several sectors and provinces, involving officials inside the police, quoted the Voice of Vietnam news site.

Gambling Unlawful in Vietnam

All sorts of gambling are illegal in Vietnam, with the exception of a state run lottery which was launched in 1999. Even though there are 7 licensed integrated casinos in the country giving table video games and slots, up right up until now just foreigners have been permitted to gamble at these venues.

This has then resulted in underground gambling dens and on the web casinos springing up throughout Vietnam, though final year an experimental 3-yr pilot program was proposed to enable locals to gamble at two of the country's casinos, namely Van Don in the north, and on Phu Quoc Island in the south. The government has also made a recent move to allow a constrained volume of wagering on worldwide soccer matches.

Police Target Rikvip Group

In its official report, the MoPS confirmed that it was targeting the Rikvip Group, which since 2015 has been working two illegal on-line gambling web sites in Vietnam, rikvip.com and rikvip.vn. These web sites presented 42 on-line gambling goods, like a popular card game named Rikvip, with players capable to buy virtual scores by way of a range of diverse choices, such as prepaid telecom cards (Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone), game cards (Zing, Gate, Vcoin, Megacard, GoCoin, Vcard), or their bank accounts.

Furthermore, the gambling operation facilitated a convenient payment system through legal gateways, this kind of as VNPT EPAY, Ngan Luong, HOMEDIRECT, and Giai tri so, as properly as the Nationwide Payment Corporation of Vietnam (NAPAS).

To give an concept of the scale of operation, from April 2015 till August 2017, the gambling ring hosted far more than 42 million accounts across its sites, with each of its gamblers owning a total of three accounts on regular.

Widespread Arrests

Rikvip had previously been identified as the largest illegal web gambling ring in Vietnam, and on August 29, 2017, the Investigation Safety Agency launched legal proceeding towards any individuals or organizations with dealing with the operation. Final week, police raids subsequently resulted in the arrest of 83 people, with most of those arrests split amongst these charged with organized gambling (41), and the gamblers themselves (38), with four men and women also arrested for illegally trading invoices, and yet another two for breaking income laundering laws.

Two corporate technology businessmen, nonetheless, are accused of heading the operation, namely Phan Sao Nam, who founded VTC, and Nguyen Van Duong, who is the chairman of CNC. Also charged was Main Basic Nguyen Thanh Hoa, the former head of the country's cybercrime division, known as the Ministry of Public Security (C50).

MoPS Suggestions

In the wake of the investigation and current developments, the MoPS has produced a number of recommendations in order to tighten laws governing the telecommunication industry and avoid on the internet gambling rings like Rikvip from being in a position to use such payment channels for their unlawful actions. As a MoPS statement stated:

The loose management of publishing and making use of telecommunications scratch cards enabled these to grow to be the main payment methods for other services. MoPS suggests the government to include several laws to patch the holes and conquer shortcomings in the draft Law on Network Security, which is expected to be approved in the approaching session of the National Assembly.

Corruption Clampdown

Just like China, Vietnam is in the midst of a widespread anti-corruption campaign, whose arrests so far have integrated people employed in the country's vitality, banking, provincial government and police sectors. Amongst the numerous officials charged are those from the state oil company PetroVietnam, such as its Chairman Dinh La Thang, which misplaced $35 million right after investing in Ocean Bank. He has given that been sentenced to 13 many years behind bars for intentionally violating state laws on financial management and causing critical consequences. The lender's earlier chief executive and former PetroVietnam chairman, even so, has been sentenced to death.

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